James Kelly Johnson

How to Increase the Visibility of your Twitter Replies


Here are some tips to keep your twitter replies from being censored beneath the "Show more replies" and "Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content" areas.

  1. Follow the account you're commenting on.
  2. Like the post you're commenting on.
  3. Craft your reply with a positive sentiment, using a sentiment analysis tool.
  4. Do not paste your content. Manually type it out.
  5. Avoid behavior that will get you shadow banned.
  6. Read on for more tips and details...

Ever wonder why your comment to an influencer's post gets no interaction? It's likely because twitter has buried it underneath the "Show more replies" area. You have to be signed out or on a separate account to see this. On your account, everything looks great. Your reply will be right at the top of the comments. However, this is not what the world sees.

Why Was My Comment Buried?

Back in May of 2018 twitter rolled out their plan to start "Serving healthy conversation." This initiative was to address "disruptive behaviors" and to "improve the health of the conversation." Major media touted the move as a "fight against trolls" and "hiding bad tweets."

Twitter started using behavioral signals to determine if your replies get buried or not. Here are a few examples of such behavioral signal factors that twitter revealed (taken from official twitter articles/statements here and here):

Now I'm going to go over some un-official behavioral signals. Some of these I saw in videos, some are from trial and error, and others just plain ole educated guesses.

Following The Account

Whoever you are replying to, make sure you are following their account. This is likely a smaller value in regard to your reply health value, but I'm confident it plays a role.

Like The Post You Are Replying To

Even if you don’t exactly agree with what the post is saying, try liking the post anyhow. Similar to above, this probably doesn't amount to much value, but every bit helps.

Sentiment Analysys Of Your Reply

With AI (artificial intelligence) playing a huge role in these algorithms determining the health value of content, I believe this sentiment score is a big factor. Monkeylearn.com has a free sentiment analysis tool. It will tell you whether your text is Positive, Neutral, or Negative, along with a confidence percentage rating. Try rewording your reply to produce a positive sentiment.

Your Shadow Ban Status

Shadowban.eu is a good way to test your twitter account shadowban status. There are a few different types of shadow bans, but I will only touch on reply deboosting. If you are shadow banned in this fashion, your replies will be buried immediately without regard to reply health value. A couple ways you may get shadowban status:

Also, be aware: The newer your account is and the lower your follower count is, the less strikes it will take to get you shadowbanned. Here's a great article with more details on shadow banning and how to avoid: How to Avoid Twitter's Shadowban Penalty

Manually Type Out Your Post

This is another one with a likely small metric, but I believe it to count towards reply health value. If you compose your tweets or replies outside of the app and then copy and paste your post, a little health value is likely shaved off. Even if you've pre-written your reply, type it out manually when you post on twitter. Trust me, their algorithm is well aware if you are pasting or manually typing your post.

Miscellaneous Other Factors

Follower count and being "twitter verified" are obvious metrics, but there's not much the average twitter user can do (in the short-term anyhow) to address these. How quickly you respond after a tweet is initially posted is certainly relevant. Also, if you use weird spellings and special characters in your post, it will count against you.

Final Thoughts

There are probably hundreds of other signals that will affect the health value of your post. If you would like to suggest additional factors that you think would be relevant to this article, please email me at james_k_johnson at protonmail dot com.

In the current times we are living in, getting the truth into the eyes and ears of everyone is paramount. Deception is sweeping across the entire planet like wildfire. I believe this is happening to fulfill biblical prophecy. However, this does not mean that we are not to fight against it. I pray that this information helps your voice to be heard. God bless you.