James Kelly Johnson

About James Kelly Johnson

I hold an associate degree in both music and network systems administration. Most of my early life was spent chasing after a music career. Around 2006-07, the Lord led me out of that and eventually back to school for networking.

Several years later, after meeting my wife and having my son, I fully believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, repented, and made Him Lord of my life. Ever since that moment (November 2017), nothing has been the same. Now my heart’s desire, is that everyone knows that Jesus is real and alive. You can hear the story of my testimony here or here. He died for our sins on the cross but was raised to life on the third day by the power of the Holy Spirit.

He was raised from the dead and given a new glorified body. After this, He appeared to hundreds of believers until finally ascending up into Heaven and sitting at the right hand of God. Everyone who is born again in Him will eventually be given a new glorified body like this one day. How do I know? His living Word says so, and His Spirit that lives inside of me testifies to this Truth. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I wasn’t trying to clean up my act back in 2017. I just went to Him, seeking the truth, and He set me free. It’s a one step process. SEEK GOD. When you do this with all your heart, you’ll find Him, and when you believe in Him and repent, you’ll never be the same. You have to push through all the negative garbage lies that the enemy has burnt into your mind about Jesus Christ. There is a reason why secular people are so much more tolerant of other religions EXCEPT Christianity.

Because the enemy is okay with your faith being placed in anyone or anything EXCEPT in the name of Jesus Christ. Because faith in Jesus is the only way to be saved. There is no giant wheel of world religions that all somehow lead to God. This is a demonic deception. I too was deceived in this way before I believed. Friends, Jesus IS the only way. Tomorrow is not promised for you. Call on the name of Jesus Christ TODAY, while you still can.